Five transnational meetings took place during the project. Below we present the dates and photos of the meetings:

KICK OFF MEETING, Valencia (Spain), 3rd and 4th 2015
Field trip to ongrowing eel farm in Valencia

SECOND TRANSNATIONAL MEETING, Izmir (turkey), 12th and 13th April 2016
Field trip to «hatchery» of marine species and ornamental aquaculture in Izmir

THIRD TRANSNATIONAL MEETING, Verona (Italy), 27th  and 28th September 2016

Field trip to sturgeon farm near Treviso

FOURTH TRANSNATIONAL MEETING, Zagreb (Croatia), 5th  and 6th June 2017
Field trip to carp farm in Ribnjaci

FIFTH TRANSNATIONAL MEETING, Valencia (Spain) , 23th  and 24th October 2017