APROMAR is the Producer’s Association of Marine Aquaculture in Spain. We are a professional organization, with voluntary membership, nonprofit and national level. We are also recognized by Ministerial Order of 30 December 1986 as EU Producer’s Organisation (OP-30) for national purposes and the European Union. APROMAR represents farming companies producing animal or plant species through mariculture in Spain. APROMAR’s members produce finfish, shellfish and crustaceans, as well as algae. Regional and Sectoral Associations of the same crops, such as the Canary Association of Aquaculture Enterprises (ACEAC), the Association of Marine Aquaculture in Andalusia (ASEMA), the Association of Producers of Turbot (AROGA) and the Valencia Association of Fish Farming Business (AVEMPI) are also members of APROMAR. We are also associated with the companies providing technology and services to the industry, including manufacturers of fish feeds.  We defend their common interests before any instance, advising, managing and reporting. We promote the quality of aquaculture products, market transparency and information to consumers and research, innovation and technological development in the field of marine aquaculture. We promote the development of sustainable aquaculture, resource conservation, food security, integration with the environment and respect for the welfare of animals raised. We represent them in the general administration of the state, state government, labor unions, other national institutions and to the European Union. We promote the development and enactment of appropriate laws for the development of marine aquaculture in Spain. We encourage and promote research, technology development and dissemination of scientific knowledge and take steps to improve the marketing of production partners. We organise campaigns to promote and coordinate dissemination of aquaculture products and organize meetings and seminars for industry and related fields, as well as fairs and exhibitions. We are also advising on insurance coverage and stocks aquaculture facilities. APROMAR has a department dedicated to international cooperation in aquaculture. APROMAR meeting provide a forum for opinion-makers about this industry. Annually we publish a complete report on the industry. Every month we publish and distribute a newsletter to our members APROMAR-informa, detailing the latest activities and efforts of the association. APROMAR maintains a web site with an area reserved for members. We maintain a permanent presence in the media and magazines by writing articles and issuing press releases.
APROMAR as association of producers, is interested in the improvement of the sector and staff. Because of this is very important professionalize the sector through the professional training to qualify in their needed skills adequately.
APROMAR identify the needs in the skills and training and work to provide to the staff the learning needed.

Asociación Empresarial de Productores de Cultivos Marinos
Aptdo. 266; 11130 Chiclana; Cádiz; España
Tlf: +34 956.40.42.16; Fax: +34 956.40.33.88

Associazione Piscicoltori Italiani

API is a non-profit corporation, aims to protect, develop and consolidate all activities related to fish-breeding both in fresh and in salt and brackish waters. API is a professional association, established in June 1964 and appointed Non-Profit Corporation which joins the General Federation of Agriculture (Confagricoltura).
It gathers over 300 fish farms of fresh, salt and brackish water and of many species, which represent around 90% of the Italian  production of  finfish.
API aims to protect, develop and consolidate all activities related to fish farming both in fresh and in salt waters.
Consequently, it promotes any financial, scientific, technical, insurance, professional, union and legal interventions, which may prove necessary to reach this target.
API also promotes studies and researches directed to solve technical problems in collaboration with the relevant public bodies, with research and experimentation institutes, also cooperating with information bodies.
The freshwater aquaculture section provides for the breeding of  trout, which represents the most popularly reared species in our country and makes Italy one of the major EEC producers, of Cyprinidae (carp, tench, etc.), Ictaluridae (catfish), Acipenseridae (sturgeon:  40% world  aquaculture caviar production ), eels, also a major production for Italy in Europe, as well as other minor species (pike, etc.).
On the other hand, salt and brackish water aquaculture provides for the breeding of species like sea bass and sea bream, meagre, eel, as well as other minor species (which are reared in fishing valleys and in basins bordering the sea).
Qualified and professional consultants are essential for the Associazione Piscicoltori Italiani in order to provide the associates with a suitable assistance. In the union and legal field, A.P.I. aims to establish a close relation with Local institutions and bodies competent in aquaculture harmonising institutional requirements with the breeders’ needs.
API aims to improve the sector, being more competitive. For that is necessary to professionalize the staff and for this is necessary to provide them with Training adequate for their skills. For this question, API is working with this kind of projects

Via del Perlar, 37
37135 Verona
Phone: +39 045580978


The Croatian Chamber of Economy is an independent professional and business organisation of all legal entities engaging in business. It was established in 1852, organised in European tradition and on the so-called continental model of Austrian and German chambers with compulsory membership. Every company registered with the Commercial Court is a member of the Chamber. The Croatian Chamber of Economy consists of the Headquarters in Zagreb and 20 county chambers. Among these, the Zagreb Chamber represents both the City of Zagreb and Zagreb County. Functionally, the CCE consists of 8 departments dealing with the respective branch of the economy, and it also includes 55 professional associations, 88 groups and 35 affiliations. Apart from this, within the CCE act nine business centres, Permanent Arbitration Court, Conciliation Centre, Court of Honour and CCE Office for Areas of Special State Concern.
The Croatian Chamber of Economy is run by the Assembly, Management and Supervisory Boards, President, who is elected by the Assembly, and five Vice Presidents. The members of the Supervisory Board and Assembly are elected from among reputable business people. Together with the Chamber’s working bodies, they promote, represent and protect their members’ common interests before governmental authorities home and abroad.
As professional organization, is very interested in the improvement of the sector and professionalization of the staff. Therefore is involved in the VET to qualify the professionals

10000 Zagreb
Phone: +38 51 4561 555


Founded in 1975, the Dokuz Eylül University Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology (imst.deu.edu.tr) is a multi-disciplinary scientific and technology institution. IMST conducts research towards understanding the marine environment as a living and non-living entity and provides information on its management. The institutes manages post-graduate education programs. IMST aims to provide current and valid findings on sustainability and the development of the country’s maritime resources.  IMST contucts marine research activities at sea using its research vesel “Piri Reis”.  The sustainable use of marine resources, and opportunity to make a realistic sciencific contribution to ecosystem knowledge to ensure the ongoing benefits of marine resources to mankind is a key focus. Training programs, conferences and consultative interactions with NGOs, producers, ministrial representatives and international graduates organisations connected to aquaculture is a concern of the Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology. In addition to these studies, the effects of climate changes on the marine ecosystem, using indicators for pollution and the determination of fisheries resources, sustainable use of stocks, investigation of the environmental impact of marine aquaculture on issues are considered to be fundamental. We are cooperating with the ministry and other stakeholders in the establishment of eco-friendly guidelines.
DOKUZ as University is known the importance in the staff´s qualification and for this is important identify the skills for a good development of the daily activity. Because of this, DOKUZ is working with the qualification and professionalization of the staff

35210 Izmir
Phone: +90 232 4121212


SGS TECNOS is a leader to certificate and regulation. It´s also a recognizing training company.
It´s an organization with an important experience like technical assistance in the HSE (health and safety of work) and Environment. SGS TECNOS works to achieve an improvement in working conditions for employees and environmental conditions.
Since 2005, SGS has a specific department to carry numerous National and International projects in all activities and sector In those projects, SGS has different roles (coordination, pedagogical reviewing, ICT Projects, R&D&i Projects, HSE Projects, HSE projects,  Environmental Projects, Training Projects….since 2005, SGS has an important experience like coordinator and manager of projects (risk, environmental, training, ITC, health…)
This company is an expert in the aquaculture  sector because of has developed projects with APROMAR in several topics (industry, ITC, HSE (health and safety of work)….) and participates in their Committees

Ronda Narciso Monturiol 5. Parque Tecnológico de Paterna
46980 Valencia
Phone: +34 629889793